Best memes and reactions from Texans Twitter about Houston’s new uniforms

And they weren't even all bad!
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans / Bob Levey/GettyImages

You have to give the Texans some credit: they heard their fans complain about how the team has literally never once had a different jersey, and they answered. On Tuesday, the team tweeted out a comprehensive look at their new uniform sets, and reader, they went for it. The team will now have four different sets to choose from, ranging from their traditional home blues to an entirely new look. There's a good debate to be had on whether or not they nailed the "rebrand," and if you can believe it, that debate's happening on Twitter (though TBD on if it's a good one or not). And really, it's not as much of a debate as it is just random tweets and memes. But honestly, that's way better than an online debate anyway. Have at it:

Best memes and reactions about Texans' new uniforms

The main takeaway from the Texans' uniform reveal? That Commanders, Falcons, and Broncos fans are miserable and hate their jerseys. The last one is especially tough considering they quite literally also just redesigned their uniforms, and didn't get 10% of the positive press that Houston did (and rightfully so). But the Texans have already won the 2024 offseason both on and off the field, so nothing that happens in this weekend's draft matters. That's the power of new uniform reveals.