Is Robert Woods right? Are the 2023 Texans setup similar to the 2017 Rams, and could they have the same success?

Houston Texans
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Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

The overall structure and build of the rosters are similar.

Like the Rams going all in on quarterback Jared Goff, the Texans selected their potential franchise quarterback CJ Stroud at the top of this year's NFL draft. Ironically, Stroud projects similar to a young Jared Goff in stature, ability, and play style. Goff was surrounded by all-worldly running back Todd Gurley to lean on in the early years. Stroud may have a similar capability with a potential top-five running back in Dameon Pierce on the roster.

The Rams roster already had a budding defensive star in Aaron Donald too. The Texans shocked everyone in trading up for budding defensive star Will Anderson Jr., and his impact could be similar to Donald's. Also, Anderson was recently ranked as the fourth most impactful defensive addition in the NFL by Bleacher Report.

When McVay came over to the Rams, he brought an infectious energy and work ethic that transformed a stagnant culture. Ryans has already begun to do the same in Houston. But could the Texans go from worst to first and be in a Super Bowl within two years? Unfortunately, that is much more difficult to assume. 

Anderson is not a Hall of Famer like Donald. He has yet to play an NFL pre-season game, no less. On the other hand, Stroud projects very nicely and is in a similar West Coast offense from the Shanahan tree, just like Goff's experience. In addition, the Texans are more prepared to protect their franchise quarterback, something the Rams struggled mightily to do during Goff's tenure. But Goff had an arsenal of talented receivers to throw to in Woods, former Texan Brandin Cooks, and All-Pro Cooper Kupp. While the Texans may have a number-one receiver on their roster, there are more question marks than anything else.