Instant Reaction: Houston Texans Trade up For Will Anderson at 3

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Edge. 2. Scouting Report. . . Will Anderson Jr.. player. 523

The Houston Texans' selection of Will Anderson was my dream Draft Day scenario. The fact that they traded up to the third selection to get him is icing on the cake. I am loving this draft so far.

Anderson is the most accomplished defender coming out of college in the last four years. The two-time Butkus Award winner holds many top-three records for the Alabama Crimson Tide known for their defensive lineman. Anderson has really good size, as his 6'3" and 253-poundd frame is stacked with explosiveness, power, and agility. He used those traits to rack up incredible numbers in college.

The man who finished fifth in Heisman voting in 2021 racked up a career 34.5 sacks and 58.5 tackles for a loss during his time in college. He did that while facing arguably the best set of offensive linemen than any other member in this class.

Off the field, Anderson is a gentle, humble, and strong leader. In an interview during the draft process, Anderson cited the "Saban Way" in which the Alabama players lived, he said that was nice, but he lives a step above that. He called that the "Will Anderson Way". He is an alpha who holds others accountable through his actions and words. 

DeMeco Ryans gets this year's Nick Bosa in Will Anderson to rebuild his entire defense. The comparisons are not just in the style of play, as both excel in the same areas, but even in their size. Bosa's 6’3 and 3/4", 266 pounds and 33” arms compare almost identically to Anderson's
6’3 and 3/4", 253 pounds, and 33 and 7/8” arms.

This is a home run selection for a Texans franchise that doesn't have an alpha on or off the field. This selection builds an identity in Houston that it so desperately needs.

Overall Draft Grade: A+