Houston Texans: 5 reasons the Texans can win the AFC South

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C.J. Stroud is an extremely accurate passer.

Stroud played two full seasons at Ohio State as the starting quarterback and we know the numbers were really good but the one thing that stands out is his career 69.3 % completion rate. This is outstanding accuracy and I know people are saying it was the uber-talented receivers he played with but as a quarterback, you still have to be accurate to get those guys the ball.

Stroud's number one asset is his accuracy, and in offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik's scheme, accuracy is key. If Stroud can learn to process his defensive reads and go through his progressions, he should be fine. There are ways to help a young quarterback so he doesn't have too much on his plate at once, which is where the run game comes into play.

The Texans did a great job signing players that will help Stroud in his development. Robert Woods is a savvy receiver and solid route runner. He'll be where Stroud expects him to be, and he'll quickly learn he can trust Woods. Dalton Schultz is in that same mold and will be a great outlet for Stroud when the play breaks down.

Lastly, the signing of Case Keenum is big. Every young quarterback should have a veteran quarterback to lean on that first season. Patrick Mahomes had Alex Smith, and Josh Allen had Matt Barkley. Veteran quarterback mentors don't necessarily have to be pro-bowl-type players, but having been in the league for a while can help a young quarterback learn from them.