Giants Owner says Deshaun Watson trade won’t happen

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It appears Deshaun Watson’s “Giant” aspirations were shut down in a New York Minute.

On Wednesday afternoon, New York Giants CEO and Co-Owner John Mara came out and set the record straight. The Giants organization is not going to trade for Deshaun Watson due to the current legal situation that Watson is facing.

With 22 sexual-related allegations, it’s no wonder the Giants took themselves out of the sweepstakes. Earlier this week, a trade idea for New York was proposed, but this statement renders it null and void. Unfortunately, this may also mean that Brian Flores may not be getting the job in the Big Apple.

Another angle to look at is who else in the NFC East could still be participants in the bidding war for Deshaun Watson. Dallas already has Dak Prescott, but Philadelphia and Washington remain wild cards at this point. Ron Rivera sort of hinted at the possibility of going after Watson earlier this month.

Could Deshaun Watson face a scenario where no team is interested?

The chances of that happening are low, but every and anything is possible in the NFL. This could be why Nick Caserio has to work fast to get a trade done. Aaron Rodgers could end up winning the popularity contest among the teams that aren’t in rebuilding mode like the Texans are,

Maybe Houston should have traded Watson before the trade deadline and took whatever they were offered, as it’s starting to feel that more teams are going to follow the Giants’ lead and withdraw their interest from acquiring Watson in any way.

It only gets more interesting from here. So buckle up, Texans fans.

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