Could a potential Aaron Rodgers trade lower Deshaun Watson’s value?

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Quarterback-needy times will have to decide: Deshaun Watson or Aaron Rodgers?

Ever since Tom Brady left the New England Patriots after the 2019 season and Kyler Murray replaced Josh Rosen in Arizona, teams getting rid of their current quarterback was finally normalized in the NFL.

Hence, this 2022 free agency period could be some of the greatest quarterback exoduses the league has ever seen. Two of the most polarizing quarterbacks in the discussion are Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers.

Everyone knows Watson’s 22 sexual misconduct-related civil lawsuits and how that’s more than enough to give teams pause when considering a trade. Meanwhile, Rodgers brings his own off-the-field issues that only caused drama for the Packers organization and fans throughout the 2021 calendar year.

Would Rodgers, who doesn’t have a legal barrier to entry, be put into a trade proposal that would net the Packers more than what Houston would get for Watson? The only thing that Rodgers wants no part of is a rebuilding team.

If Rodgers is traded first, Houston Texans may have to lower Deshaun Watson’s trade expectations.

Rodgers has a few years left of good play left in the tank; the same goes for Watson. However, if Rodgers gets dealt first and the compensation is less than what the NFL world expects, it could result in re-negotiation for Nick Caserio.

A recent video by Pro Football Talk hosted by Mike Florio and Chris Simms detailed how the Carolina Panthers Owner David Tepper didn’t care about Watson having his lawsuits settled. Whereas for the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross wanted those settled before a trade happened.

Florio and Simms also talked about how there’s a chance that a smaller market such as Charlotte would not barrage him with questions about his legal situation.

Both agreed that if Watson went to the New York Giants, the media would never let him live it down, and it would be like feeding raw food to a group of piranhas.

It’s quite the predicament for Caserio, who wants a King’s ransom for Watson, but can’t really work on a trade proposal until his lawsuits are either settled in court or moved to a trial. If Brian Gutekunst can find a trade partner for Rodgers (let’s say the Denver Broncos for the sake of discussion) before Caserio, it will most likely change the course of the Texans’ offseason plan.

Wherever both quarterbacks end up, either traded or retired, what gets sent in return will remain one of the most anticipated parts of the offseason.

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