The Houston Texans schedule has been released

We now know when and where the 2024 season will play out.
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The Houston Texans schedule has officially been released, in what may be the most overhyped day of the NFL season, we now know when the Texans will play what games. It seems odd, that the NFL fandom is the only one that gets excited about scheduling, but here we are. The Texans and the FNL at large released the schedules league-wide on Wednesday at 8:00 PM ET to much fanfare, and while this phenomenon befuddles me, I’m just glad the fandom is happy. Go Texans.

But that said, what does the schedule actually look like? Well, counting the preseason and all, here’s what we got;

As you can see, the Texans have four preseason games, a rarity for the modern NFL, with the Hall of Fame Game on Aug. 1, 2024, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers at home on Aug 9, the New York Giants away and the Los Angeles Chargers in LA.

After the regular season darts on Sept. 8, 2024, at home against the Indianapolis Colts, then the Chicago Bears on the road for Week 2. Week 3 sees the Texans at home against the Minnesota Vikings, followed by two road games, back to back, against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Buffalo Bills. 

The Texans are back for two home games, this time against the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers for weeks six and seven. Week 8 is on the road against the Colts in Indianapolis, followed by some back-and-forths.

The Texans are home for Week 9 against the New York Jets, on the road in Detroit the next week against the Lions, back home against the Dallas Cowboys for Week 11, on the road once again against the Tennesee Titans, and finally back home against the Jaguars for the last game before the Bye Week. 

The Bye Week this year is Week 14. Then it’s more alternating, with a trip to Miami against the Dolphins for Week 15, at home against the Kansas City Chiefs (Swifts) for Week 16, on the road in Baltimore for Week 17 (the Christmas Day game), and finally at home against the Titans for Week 18, game day and time “TBD” (to be determined).

Personally, I wish the NFL would hold back on announcing the opponents for the scheduled release, making it far more enticing for fans both diehard and casual to enjoy. It would give it an extra element to enjoy and actually make the release all that much more compelling.