The Houston Texans don't need another wide receiver but they could use Mike Williams

The Houston Texans don't need Mike Williams' talent, but his size makes him interesting.
Oct 2, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA; Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams (81) signals
Oct 2, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA; Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams (81) signals / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans have three fantastic receivers, with Nico Collins, Tank Dell, and Noah Brown being the core threesome going forward. They're a dynamic trio, and when you add in Robert Woods, you have a great room. Even if Woods isn't what he once was. The Texans don't need another receiver, nor should they go out and draft one. Yet, a name just became available, and the Texans need to take a run at him.

That man is former Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams. Williams was a cap casualty, despite being one of their best targets over the last few years. Yet, due to his age, (29) and recent injuries, the Chargers felt he was expendable and so they've let him go. He's a talent, and despite his potential bloated price tag, could be the guy the Texans need.

It's not because he's so much better than any of the receivers the Texans currently have, it's because he has what every NFL team wants; size. He's 6'4 and 220 lbs. Only Collins has the same size, both in regards to height and weight. With corners and safeties not being the biggest bodies, having heavier, taller receivers can help in the red zone, which is a big reason why bringing back Dalton Schultz was the right call.

The Texans and really any NFL team, should have as many big-bodied receivers as possible because big plays are rare. The Texans averaged just 5.5 yards per positive play in 2023 and that put them at 12th best in the NFL. Short yardage gains is the norm, especially with touchdowns. It's why red zone drills and red zone stats are so important. Every NFL team scores most of their touchdowns after entering the red zone.

Having a guy like Williams would be huge for the Texans. He's not needed for the club to succeed, but having him be another big body that the Texans can rely on would be huge and would only make C.J. Stroud's job so much easier.

But only for the right price, obviously.