Houston Texans: 4 players who could be cut after the draft

Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans just concluded potentially their most impactful draft in franchise history after selecting C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson back-to-back with the second and third selections of the draft. New head coach DeMeco Ryans has already begun to shape this roster with an identity he desires through the free agency and draft period. Ryans sent a loud and clear message, we're ready to win now.

Up next for the Texans is rookie minicamp followed by voluntary workouts and OTAs. In between these times is roster management. Some free agent players were not resigned, which means more value to teams after the draft. There are players on rosters being evaluated for contract extensions like Shaq Mason, but there are also players whose roster spots are now murky post-draft. We have already seen three players move on from the franchise this offseason, which made sense, but could more be on the way?

We are looking at four players on the Houston Texans' roster who are in that latter area. We will look at these player's security with the team based on what the team did in the draft and free agency periods.