Instant Reaction and Draft Grade: Texans Select C.J. Stroud #2 Overall

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The beginning of a new era is here in Houston! After multiple down seasons filled with uncertainty and a hopeless future, the Texans entered tonight's draft with the opposite. They have their head coach of the future in DeMeco Ryans, and they continue to build off their first and second-round picks from last year.

The Texans need to hit on all five selections in the top 75 of this year's draft if they hope to be a competitive team next season. So, with that, let's get to the number two overall pick of this NFL Draft.

With the 2nd overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select...

. . quarterback. C.J. Stroud. 2. player. Scouting Report. 490

Well ladies and gentlemen, the Houston Texans have their quarterback. Despite all the rumors against the former Buckeye, Stroud went where everyone thought he would go. 

I've already done a full scouting report on Stroud, but I'll summarize most of it. In short, I think what we've seen from Stroud is what we will get. He had five future first-round wide receivers and a couple of day-one and day-two offensive linemen surrounding him during his college career. He's not stepping into anything remotely similar with the Texans. 

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There are a lot of things to like with the former Buckeye. Stroud is without a doubt the most accurate quarterback in this year's class, with above-average arm strength, a good understanding of timing, and the ability to read progressions. There's also a possibility he is more mobile than we were led to believe until his final game against Georgia. Consider that the cherry on top if it ends up being true. 

The negatives with him are very concerning for me. Stroud showed consistently on tape and in testing to be either a very slow processor or very hesitant. His 18 overall score on the S2 test was blown out of proportion, but is indicative of what we see on film: Stroud struggles when forced to make a quick decision, as his poor QBR rating against the blitz never improved in college. 

With all that being said, I think this is a solid selection for a franchise in dire need of talent infusion at the quarterback position. I think with the right people around him, Stroud has the opportunity and potential to be an integral member in a Texans rebuild. 

I would have much-preferred drafting Will Anderson, the best player available at the spot in the draft and that affects my grade.

Overall Grade: B+