Predicting the AFC South just ahead of the June 1 cut day

Where do the Houston Texans fall among the AFC South's rivals?
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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4. Tennessee Titans

Who knows what's coming down the pipeline for the Tennessee Titans? They're onto a new quarterback, having parted ways with Ryan Tannehill, and they didn't re-sign their former franchise running back Derrick Henry. if those were the only changes, the Titans would have a realistic shot at competing come 2024. That's not the case. The Titans also fired their former head coach, Mike Vrabel. A move that was controversial at the time.

It's always possible that the Titans come out of nowhere with Will Levis in year two. He did show plenty of potential in his rookie season but it wouldn't be the safest bet to expect Levis to lead the Titans to success with how little of the roster is left from their playoff squad. If the new Titans head coach Brian Callahan is as advertised, then he may be able to help Levis get to the next level.

Tennessee didn't just lose players this offseason.

They did add Tony Pollard, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys. He famously had back-to-back 1,000-yard rushing seasons with the Cowboys and will look to replace Henry in Tennessee. A near royal-size order indeed. Beyond Pollard, the Titans also added Calvin Ridley, a multi-time 1,000-yard receiver with Jacksonville and Atlanta. He's not a game-changer but he's a good enough receiver that Levis should be able to optimize his talents.

The Titans still have some heavy hitters despite the departures. DeAndre Hopkins, former Houston Texans star wide receiver, is still on the team. While he may no longer be the same type of star player, he can still be a difference-maker for the Titans.