Houston Texans: Most rushing TD in a season

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Rob Foldy/GettyImages

The Houston Texans may not have had much success on the field in terms of wins and losses or playoff appearances but that's not for a lack of excellent running backs. Particularly Arian Foster, who most consider the all-time greatest at the position in Texans' history.

Between 2010 and 2014, Foster was one of the most dominant running backs in the NFL. He recorded no less than 1,200 yards rushing in four of the five seasons during that five-year period. The one year he didn't do it was 2013, due to an injury suffered mid-way through the season and he only played in eight games.

But what is the record in Texans' history for rushing touchdowns in a single season? It's pretty easy to guess this record is held by Foster as he holds three of the top four seasons in this category. Only Domanick Williams has recorded double-digit rushing touchdowns, outside of Foster. Steve Slaton was close to the mark in 2008 when he found the end zone nine times on the ground.

The record is 16 rushing touchdowns, which Foster accomplished in the 2010 season. That was a massive breakout season for Foster, who had only 257 yards on 54 carries the season prior. Foster carried the ball 327 times in that 2010 season, and racked up a league-leading 1,616 yards, to go with those 16 touchdowns.

Foster also contributed to the passing game in a huge way during the 2010 season, with 66 receptions, 604 yards, and two more touchdowns. Foster was one of the best in the league catching passes out of the backfield, with 255 career receptions.

Foster followed up that 2010 season with ten more rushing touchdowns in 2011 and another 15 in 2012. He totaled 54 career rushing touchdowns and added another 14 in the air. He is the greatest running back in Texans' history, but his career was ultimately cut short due to injuries, but that five-year period was one of the greatest stretches to watch.

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