Houston Texans: Most rushing yards in a season

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Ronald C. Modra/GettyImages

At Toro Times, we have been looking at multiple team records and their significance. Today, we will dive into the most prolific rushing season in team history

Largely considered one of the finer running backs in Houston Texans' history, Arian Foster was a dominant figure on the field when healthy. His 2010 campaign etched his name in the team record books. 

According to Statmuse, Foster recorded 1,616 rushing yards during that campaign and holds four of the five highest single-season marks in franchise history. What makes that season special is not only the number of yards but the efficiency in doing so, with Foster finishing the season with nearly five yards per carry and over 100 yards per game.

ESPN’s game logs for the 2010 season paint an even more resounding picture of Foster’s dominance. Foster opened up and closed that regular season with a staggering 231 and 180 yards respectively against their AFC South Rivals Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts. 

With four other games of 100+ yards on the ground, with three of those being 120+ yard games, Foster was a man on a mission that displayed multiple times his inability to be stopped. Tally this with his exceptional receiving numbers during that season and you have first-hand exposure to what made the running back so special in the blue and white.

Considering that during this same season, Foster set the Texans' rushing touchdown record with 16, the feat becomes even more impressive. It is safe to say that 2010 represented not only one of the finer seasons during the career of Arian Foster, but the best regular season performance for a Houston Texans running back ever. 

The only man to come close to these marks besides Foster himself? Steve Slaton’s career season in 2008.

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