Houston Texans: top five all-time running backs

Houston Texans
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The youngest team in the NFL has had some talented running backs grace their ranks. Though their history may not span as long of a period, some of the Houston Texans' most memorable moments have come from its rushers.

Texans have had great running backs come out of the draft, but they have done well with undrafted players who have also signed out of college. Looking for running backs during free agency has been challenging for the Texans.

Although the game has changed since 2002, and there have been a lot of different offenses coming and going, these five runningbacks have stood out over time and have made their mark in history for the Houston Texans. We are measuring each of these running backs' impact on the team and what they did during their time suiting up for the Texans.

The standard for what puts a running back in the "all-time" ranks is difficult to measure. There are so many stats, game performances, and comparable players one could go off of, but again it is truly about what these specific players did for their team while donning the blue and white.

These five running backs have made the list for Texans. Some may agree, and some may disagree, but when you genuinely think about the who, when, and where, it is hard to argue that these five should not be on this list. Sure, there are some honorable mentions, but today, we narrowed it down to these five.