Houston Texans' Devin Singletary will have a better season than Dameon Pierce

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans running game will be top five in the league and have one of the scariest two-headed monsters in the NFL

The Texans went into the offseason having one of the worst running games in the NFL. They ranked 31st in rushing yards (1,476) and yards per attempt (3.7) while ranking 30th in rushing touchdowns (7).

The passing game wasn't any better, as they ranked 25th in passing yards with 3,344 and 28th in net yards per attempt with 5.4 yards. The Texans ended up adding many weapons, such as Dalton Schultz, Robert Woods, and most notably former Bills running back Devin Singletary to help Pierce in the running game.

Devin Singletary will be the most reliable player on the Texans offense.

Devin Singletary attended Florida Atlantic University, where he absolutely balled as he ran for over 4,287 yards and 66 rushing touchdowns. His best season came in 2017 when. He accumulated 2,116 all-purpose yards and an NCAA-leading 32 rushing touchdowns and was named Conference USA MVP.

Singletary would become a third-round selection by the Bills in the 2019 draft. Singletary provided the Bills consistency as he led them in rushing yards every season since being drafted and added an average of around 200 yards receiving.

Over his four-year career, he accumulated 3,151 yards, 16 rushing touchdowns, 4.7 yards per attempt, 971 receiving yards, and four receiving touchdowns. You may ask why do these numbers matter. Well, here's why, Pierce may have more rushing yards, but he struggled to find the endzone on the ground, and he's not as much of an impact in the passing game as Singletary.

One thing I left out about Singletary is he never had over 200 carries in his NFL career. The most he had in a season was in 2021, with 188, when he ran for a career-best 870 yards and seven rushing touchdowns. Singletary will have a big chip on his shoulder. The Texans will use him in higher-leverage situations and be a consistent target in the passing game.

How do you think the Texans will utilize Singletary, and how will he perform for the team?

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