Houston Texans: All-time receiving leaders in franchise history

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We've discussed the history of the Houston Texans wide receivers a few times, from ranking the top five all-time, to discussing who could step up on the Texans' current roster as the team's number. But who is the Texans all-time receivers statistically?

Running back Arian Foster was close to making the top five, coming in at number seven with 2,268 yards. Foster played seven seasons with the Texans and is highly regarded as the best running back to suit up this team.

Others that fall into the top ten but not quite making this list were receivers Brandin Cooks and Jabar Gaffney, with 2,886 and 2,009 yards respectively. Cooks was only 224 yards away from making the Texans' top five all-time receiving yards list but now no longer on the team, he won't be making the top.

The Texans' top ten also includes a couple of tight ends, one of which is currently on the roster, and has a chance to climb the ranks. Jordan Akins currently has 1755 yards, just barely cracking the top ten but will have the opportunity to improve on those numbers this season.

Akins only needs 254 yards to climb two spots to number eight; however, with newcomer Dalton Schultz, his opportunities may be limited in 2023 but he will still play a significant role in this offense. The top ten includes two active players, one being Akins, and the other of course is DeAndre Hopkins. With some of the rumors around the league, there is the possibility of Hopkins returning to the Texans and adding more yards to his stat line.

Well, let's not waste too much more time and jump into this list and see who the Texans' top-five all-time receiving yards leaders are, starting with number five.