Top 5 all-time wide receivers in Houston Texans history

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Who are the top five receivers in Houston Texans' history?

Our last all-time "greats' list covered the quarterbacks, and the options were limited.  That list was only the top-four quarterbacks.  However, the Texans had some great receivers in their history, but after the obvious two, who are the other three?

All Texans fans know the top two.  No question it's DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson, but which is tops among them?  The Texans have had some other solid wide receivers throughout their history, and despite poor to average quarterback play for most of that, the numbers these guys have put up are impressive.

Let’s look ahead to the future for just a second.  The Texans have three guys headlining their receiver room in 2023, Nico Collins, John Metchie III, and Nathaniel (Tank) Dale.  I know Robert Woods is there but if I had to guess, he won’t be considered an all-time player with the Texans at any point.

It’s very likely one or even two of these guys quickly find themselves in consideration for future Texans’ all-time lists.  The Texans’ history is short, spanning only 21 years, which is one thing that makes covering this team fun, I know all these players, I’ve watched them all play, and I was there when they were rookies.

Just like with the quarterback’s top list, I expect some to not agree or perhaps you agree on the five but not the order, that’s most likely the scenario but either way, I love to hear the feedback and want to know what the fans think.