C.J Stroud's accolades should outshine Tua Tagovailoa In MVP Voting

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Outstanding efforts are detrimental to franchises hoping to establish themselves within Conference standings. Poor performances do not equate to wins in the NFL. They make the season longer than necessary. DeMeco Ryans is enjoying his first year as a Head Coach. His transition has been easier than most, thanks to his rookie quarterback. Without C.J. Stroud, who knows where the Houston Texans would rank this season? He's the franchise's most valuable player heading into the playoff hunt.

Where does Stroud rank in MVP voting heading into Week 13?

C.J Stroud deserves recognition for an outstanding rookie season

Who would have thought the Houston Texans would experience success with so many variables weighing in on the season? Nick Caserio's front office found the solution after several years of mediocrity. Their first course of action was the installment of Head Coach DeMeco Ryans. Next, Houston used draft capital to secure their franchise quarterback several months later. Hard work in the off-season prepared the Texans for the campaign. They rely heavily on C.J. Stroud because he proved he can handle the pressure.

Incredible rookie season will not go unnoticed. Quarterbacks that make a difference on the field are a high commodity. Early signs of dominance are rare and deserve the spotlight. C.J. Stroud continues to focus on helping the Texans extend the season. He's set multiple rookie single-game passing records, but remains poise through the noise. The Houston Texans need to win their remaining games to increase their odds (53%) before the end of a long campaign. Stroud's efforts are noteworthy and deserve MVP accolades.

C.J Stroud should have a better chance of winning MVP than Tua Tagovailoa

Wins are a vital piece of the formula when calculating success in the NFL. It takes focus to become great, but excellence requires resilience. DeMeco Ryan's quarterback demonstrates veteran qualities in his first year under center. The results are impressive and compare well against some of football's best gunslingers. This season, Stroud has more touchdown passes (19) than Joe Burrow (15) and Lamar Jackson (13). He ranks fifth in offense grading among quarterbacks - one spot below Tua Tagovailoa.

An explosive receiving core accents the strengths of the Miami Dolphins leader on offense. He's accurate and precise - putting stingy defensive at a disadvantage. Tua Tagovailoa is projected to have a career-high season. He's 333 passing yards away from his 2022 total (3,548) and three touchdowns shy of setting a new benchmark (25). His hard work should not go unnoticed but does not outshine Stroud's accolades.

The most valuable player is someone a franchise cannot win without. He's vital to the team's success and brings the best out of his teammates and opponents. It's not surprising that C.J. Stroud is in MVP conversations. He's changing the culture of the Houston Texans. Tua Tagovailoa is having an impressive campaign, but the trophy belongs to the rookie.

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