A counter-argument for why Houston Texans' quarterback Davis Mills should start

Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans might be better off with Davis Mills starting Week One

There has been a lot of Davis Mills shade this offseason. Many fans are completely against him starting again for the Houston Texans. I get it, the Texans were in several one-score games only to come up short, and that often falls on the quarterback. But I think fans should get comfortable with the idea of seeing him behind center in year three.

Despite those shortcomings in those games, the Texans were still in the game with a chance to win, and that also often falls on the quarterback. Mills kept the Texans competitive in most games, despite a poor offensive line and limited weapons.

Also, most players don't come into the league and look like seasoned veterans in year one or even year two, especially quarterbacks. A look at history and the majority of rookie or second-year quarterbacks that do well had a great supporting cast around them. Look no further than Patrick Mahomes, who had an All-Pro tight end (future Hall of Famer) and All-Pro wide receivers.

Davis Mills, first two years compare favorably to Josh Allen's first two years.

To make my point further, Davis Mills had 5, 782 yards, 33 touchdowns, and 25 interceptions. He also completed 63.6 % of his passes. Allen over his first two seasons threw for 5,163 yards, 30 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions. He also only completed 56.3 % of his passes. Mills was better in three out of four categories than Allen during those first two years. We know where Allen's career trajectory went beginning in year three.

I'm not saying Mills will put up Josh Allen-type numbers but the point is, don't count out a player after just two years. You never know the kind of player someone might become after a couple years in the league.

In addition to the year three jump, we often see players take, another thing that played against Mills was the lack of talent around him. Similarly, Allen had the same issue his first two years, and Mills' numbers were still better.

With the additions of Tank Dell, Dalton Schultz, and Robert Woods in the passing game, Mills will have some options. Additionally, with Devin Singletary alongside Dameon Pierce, the running game will be improved too. Not to mention the upgrades on the offensive line with the drafting of Juice Scruggs and free agent, Shaq Mason.

The other thing that will help Mills as he competes for the starting job, is his familiarity with Nico Collins. It's been talked about at length, but Collins' breakout potential is real and I'm on board the Collins train too. Mills has the most experience and chemistry with Collins.

Stroud sitting for a season would be ideal for his development.

I know fans want to see Stroud on the field but as a rookie, that's not necessarily ideal. Previous arguments made say Stroud needs to play because practice reps can't match real-time reps. I agree with this but if the Texans can win with Mills, let him play.

At the end of the day, regardless of how Mills performs in training camp and preseason, it would be beneficial for Stroud's confidence and development to sit to start the season. Letting Stroud sit the first four of five games allows him to learn the routine of an NFL game week. Allows him to learn how to dissect the game film and learn to read NFL defenses a little better.

Letting Davis Mills start the season is a good thing and he could become the long-term starter for 2023 if he can make a significant jump in year three.