Day 1 of Texans OTAs: Davis Mills competing for the starting quarterback

Houston Texans
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Day one of the Houston Texans' organized team activities (OTAs) is in the books. Davis Mills said says he competing to be the starting quarterback and does not believe his role is as a mentor.

Maybe he sees this as a competition, as most athletes would, but he has a lot to prove to his teammates and coaches. It's not fair to assume the same of both Case Keenum and C.J. Stroud as the starter either, they have to prove themselves too. Who's to say Keenum doesn't have a solid camp and win the starting role, while Stroud gets up to speed?

To Mill's point though, OTAs began today, and he was taking the first-team reps, while Stroud was primarily with the twos. Then again, so was Will Anderson Jr. and there is little question he will be with the ones when the season kickoffs.

Despite the Texans installing a new offense, Mills' two seasons in the league should give him a leg up at this stage. Could he potentially start the season? Sure. I wouldn't be surprised if he does, but no question that if he falters and the Texans drop a few games early, Stroud will be coming into the game.

With Keenum, we know what we have, we know what he's capable of, and no doubt he's the mentor of the three quarterbacks, but when it comes time to decide the final 53-man roster, what will the Texans and DeMeco Ryans do?

The NFL just passed a new rule that allows the team to carry three quarterbacks on their gameday roster (The Purdy Rule). How does this affect the Texans? Most teams only keep two quarterbacks, with a third on the practice squad sometimes. The Texans could keep all three quarterbacks.

There are three directions this could go. Mills is traded at the start of the season and is off the Texans roster, added to the practice squad, or he's the starter. I don't see him or Stroud ahead of Keenum for the backup role.

There is the possibility the team decides to keep all three on the active gameday roster if Mills starts. With Keenum as the backup, it would make sense to at least have Stroud on the sideline, with a chance at some playing time. This allows the team to play Keenum if Mills was injured in a close game or Stroud on the field in a blowout win or loss. Don't read what I'm not saying, I don't think the Texans will be in too many blowout wins.

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