Is the Houston Texans' Tank Dell more than a gadget player

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

There is no doubting Dell's level of production at Houston, producing 228 receptions, 3,155 yards, and 32 touchdowns during his three seasons with the Cougars. He also added nearly 500 yards in kick and punt return yards as well.

There is no question that the speed is there too, running a solid 4.49 at the combine. The worry with Dell is the size, can he physically compete at the NFL level? He's only 5'8" and weighs 165 pounds. I know today's NFL is a bit different, smaller receivers are a little more the norm than it was ten-plus years ago but 5'8" and 165 pounds?

I did a little research and found this, here are some numbers to put Dell's size, or lack of, in perspective. There are only 11 wide receivers currently in the NFL listed at 5'8" (12 counting Dell) and only one listed at 5' 7", so Dell is right there among the shortest in the league. As far as weight goes, there are only two receivers listed below 165 pounds. Those are the Dallas Cowboys' KaVontae Turpin and Deven Thompkins of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Wait, you've never heard of them, me neither.

This isn't to say he can't succeed in the NFL, Devonta Smith has carved out a pretty solid career thus far weighing only 170 pounds but there are five other receivers, including the two I previously mentioned, that weigh 170 or less. The other three are Tutu Atwell of the LA Rams, Marquise Brown of the Arizona Cardinals, and Montrell Washington of the Denver Broncos.

I don't know what sort of career Dell will have but the Texans will have a role for him on this team, whether that is a gadget player or something more. Regardless, I remain skeptical until I see him on an NFL field because keep in mind, the majority of his games were against the likes of other G5 schools.

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