Why are the Houston Texans obsessed with inexperienced candidates?

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The Houston Texans are boldly interviewing inexperienced candidates. Does Nick Caserio know something that others don’t?

It certainly is daring to interview a high school football coach, an ex-NFL wide receiver with limited positional coaching experience, and numerous others who have never been a head coach before.

While these include a list of some of the best performing coordinators in the league right now, lacking head coaching experience is what doomed David Culley. Everyone has to get their start somehow, but the Houston Texans cannot afford to hire someone with no head coaching history.

Adam Wexler of Sports Talk 790 in Houston pointed out on Twitter that Houston’s only candidate who actually has a head coaching background was Brian Flores.

The Houston Texans will wind up brilliant or defaulting on their next head coach.

As an NFL organization, due diligence in a coaching search is required. That’s seen and recognized. But, unfortunately, what doesn’t make sense is a good part of their list. Hines Ward, Josh McCown, and Johnathan Gannon are head-scratchers, to say the least.

The Giants were the first to figure out their GM search, and as a result, they are most likely going to end up with Brian Daboll. Every year, the NFL sees this domino effect of the first head coach getting hired, which is followed by a Black Friday-like scramble for other teams to hire their new skippers.

Someone who should be on that interview list is DeMeco Ryans, but he’s got way more important stuff to focus on heading into the NFC Championship Game against the rival Los Angeles Rams. So why not call up Sean Payton and see if he may be interested in the job?

Caserio should go down swinging instead of bunting and getting thrown out at first.

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