Houston Texans interview their first head coach candidate

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The Houston Texans aren’t wasting any time.

Which is a great thing to see after their 2020 coaching search took ages to complete. According to Ian Rapoport, the Houston Texans interviewed former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores on Friday. Flores has been linked to Houston ever since he was one of the biggest reasons Deshaun Watson waived his no-trade clause to be traded to Miami.

Flores, in my eyes, is the best coaching candidate out there, and it’s also the best for those Deshaun Watson fans who want him to stay in Houston. It does make a bit of sense after seeing countless franchise players and mainstays depart for different teams.

Jerrod Mayo is a nice idea, but he’s only ever been a linebackers coach and not an actual coordinator. Why would anyone want to give him a role that’s exorbitant in terms of difficulty to his current one? Josh McDaniels got cold feet with the Indianapolis Colts a few years ago, and it’s silly to think he’s even in the running to be a head coach after that debacle.

The Houston Texans would be making the right choice with Brian Flores

Flores may just have the right eye when it comes to the draft. Look at the defense he made in Miami, seemingly re-creating the “No-name defense” again. On top of that, if he got his way and the Dolphins drafted Justin Herbert over Tua Tagovailoa, maybe the Dolphins would have gotten to the playoffs by now.

Instead, a historic winning streak was halted in Tennessee, as Flores and Tagovailoa reportedly got in a screaming match with each other during the game. There’s also the story that Flores stopped communicating to his staff around Thanksgiving, which could only make for more awkward situations.

Regardless of these alleged stories, Flores remains above and beyond the best target for Houston. First, he has experience as a head coach; he took over a debacle of a team and hoisted them to back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since the early 2000s.

If Houston were smart, they’d give Flores a blank check and tell him to sign when he’s done.

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