Houston Hook: Texans have a long road ahead in 2nd half of season

Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

As good as it was for the Houston Texans to have have the week off for Week 10 when it came to in-game action, now things are back to reality, and the 1-8 team is back on the field for the next eight weeks to complete the first season of the rebuild effort they are taking part in.

The first half of the season has been full of disappointment on the field with the current eight-game losing streak, being the lowest-scoring offense in the NFL, and there is all the drama with quarterback Deshaun Watson, whether it be what is happening with him away from football, or the fact he doesn’t want to play for the franchise anymore.

All of that aside, there has been some positives, but more negatives. Though that’s expected during a rebuild, it would be nice to see some improvement from week-to-week, rather than the Texans playing worse with each game played.

The remaining schedule for the Texans includes: at Tennessee Titans, vs. New York Jets, vs. Indianapolis Colts, vs. Seattle Seahawks, at Jacksonville Jaguars, vs. Los Angeles Chargers, at San Francisco 49ers, and vs. Titans.

There are some winnable games still left on the schedule with the Jets, Seahawks, and Jaguars (whom the Texans have already defeated) all with records below .500. That said, the Texans have the worst record compared to those teams, and only the Detroit Lions have a worse record in the NFL at 0-8-1.

Currently, the Texans hold the No. 2 draft pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, but that spot isn’t a guarantee as the Jets and Jaguars only have two wins each, and Seattle has three wins. Though no team in the NFL tanks games on purpose, are the Texans even good enough to win another game in the ’21 season?

Time will tell where the Texans will draft from next spring, but if things continue to tumble like they are currently, it will be a Top 2 pick for sure, which for the Texans wouldn’t be such a bad pick to have.

Houston Texans: A quick look at Week 11 against the Titans

At least the Texans had an extra week to prepare for the Titans because even without Derrick Henry on their roster due to injury, Tennessee is still a very talented team and the leaders of the AFC South.

One positive for the upcoming Week 11 game is quarterback Tyrod Taylor already having one game under his belt and a bye week before facing the Titans. Though Taylor’s return after injury was a game to forget with three interceptions against the Miami Dolphins, he at least isn’t playing Tennessee right off the injury.

In the Week 9 game against Miami, Taylor had no touchdown passes, was sacked five times and passed for 240 yards, so it wasn’t the greatest return from an injury, but the good thing is he is back.

Again, with more opponents left on the schedule that are above .500 than the opponents who aren’t the road ahead for the Houston Texans is tough, and it won’t be easy by any means, even with the Jets on the schedule.

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Houston has a lot to prove for the rest of the season, and if the wins come that will be great, but if things continue to be as poor as they have been in the win-loss record, at least a top draft pick will be a reward for the teams and fans after this tough road being traveled.