Five things that have gone drastically wrong in 2021 for the Houston Texans

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The Houston Texans’ season has been a brutal campaign to date.

Entering the bye week with an abysmal 1-8 record, the Houston Texans are regressing with each week that passes. What happened to the team that came in with an impressive showing in Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars and was tied with the Cleveland Browns at halftime the following Sunday?

It’s as if that first loss in Week 2 was the push the proverbial snowball needed to cause an avalanche of subpar play, pitiful point-scoring efforts, and lethargy from those who are left to do battle on Sundays.

Out of all the things that have gone wrong, which are the worst? How could one narrow it down to five things, as the Texans could run their own “Tournament of Bad” and give someone a golden toilet as an award for winning it all?

The answer is that there are no wrong choices in Houston when it comes to selecting these five. Anyone who has watched this team knows that statement is true. Why was Andre Roberts returning kicks for so long? Why not play Scottie Phillips?

These five things are what the Houston Texans have had go drastically wrong in the 2021 season. If it’s hard to do choose at the halfway point, what will happen at the end of the season?

Let’s get right into number five.