Houston Texans: How to navigate from current doom to Champagne room

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The McNair family lacks common football knowledge

Janice McNair was given the ownership of the team after her husband’s (Bob) passing and now owns 80% of the team. After the McNair’s got their money to purchase the team through the oil industry, they have not done a good job at keeping consistent talent in Houston. Do I need to tell you all the of the stars who’ve left?

A more football-minded individual (or group) would be more suited to run this team. It also wouldn’t hurt to have someone younger and who can understand the social issues that are present in their players’ lives.  Getting upset over players kneeling for the anthem and then attending the George Floyd funeral can only cover up so much.

With a younger owner also comes someone that has more football knowledge than the McNairs would also help. It takes time to build a championship team, but if the atmosphere inside the team facility isn’t conducive for that to occur, then it’s never going to happen.