Houston Texans: How to navigate from current doom to Champagne room

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Houston Texans
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Let’s recap how the Houston Texans can move from doom to the champagne room.

  1. Find a trade partner for Watson.
    1. If that doesn’t happen, then cutting him may just be the way to go. The cap benefits are enormous.
  2. Don’t ever hire another New England Patriots assistant coach or executive until Bill Belichick leaves.
    1. The NFL’s obsession with the “Belichick-ian” ways of these assistants is unhealthy. They have hardly worked, outside of O’Brien’s pre-AWOL meltdown.
  3. Continue to sell the farm and acquire ridiculous amounts of draft capital.
    1. By sending off players with the bigger contracts, the cutting of Watson is lessened on the cap.
    2. Picks never go out of style, and once the Texans have enough, they could use those draft picks or trade for a new player to build a franchise around.
  4. Easier said than done, the ownership either must change (either in ownership or strategy) or face the consequences
    1. The ownership ignored the search firm they hired to help them find a GM. Now, look where they’re at.
    2. Get someone else involved to make these critical decisions, someone who listens to the players on how to right the ship.

From this point on, the Houston Texans have no excuse anymore. They have imploded and have themselves to blame. It’s going to take a massive rebuild for this team to be good again, but there is a path. It’s all about what happens with Watson and going from there.

Start building the roster with younger players and not the super-old veterans that will help a bad roster turn into a better quality one. Invest in those players and keep them here, listen to them and help the Texans get closer to winning a championship.

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Houston, we have a problem. But we can definitely fix it.