Houston Texans: How to navigate from current doom to Champagne room

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Houston Texans
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The fans of the Houston Texans want the ownership to change.

On our Twitter page here at Toro Times, we ran a poll that hinted about this article and the possible solutions that would help get the Texans back to being a winning franchise. Of the choices, the ownership change quickly dominated the votes.

I can totally see why. The McNair family has come across as tone-deaf in not only the football smarts department but also just public relations as well. Bob McNair’s infamous and disgraceful “Can’t let the inmates run the prison” comment came across as racist. McNair later admitted that he didn’t even regret making the statement, only regretting his apology.

It’s not like D.Cal McNair (Bob’s successor) has really helped the franchise move forward. He kept Easterby around, letting “Evil E” put the incomprehensible thought of trading DeAndre Hopkins into Bill O’ Brien’s head.  Having been involved with the team since its inception and playing a part in numerous head coaching hires, this situation is almost as much on his shoulders as well.