2017 NFL Draft: Breaking down Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer

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Ohio State Tape

DeSHone Kizer had an innate instinct to step up in the pocket to avoid a busted blocking assignment and avoid a sack on the first play. He followed that up with a bad play. He struggled with the far screen pass as did not put enough on his throw to get the ball to the receiver on time.

Kizer was comfortable with the  quick slant route. He put zip on the slant—reads the defense and throws a nice ball to running back for a first down.

Negatives start to come out in bunches. Kizer sailed a pass in the first quarter for an interception. He forced it with a bad read as well as a bad throw. Then he sailed an easy pass to a wide open full back in the flat. To be fair, his offensive line was getting abused the entire game. 

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Kizer moved around (11:09 in second) and flicked his wrist but overthrew a wide open receiver. It should have been a touchdown, but also would not have been possible without his mobility. Plus and minuses in that one sequence. Would like to see him finish those “wow” plays. Still like the aggressiveness.

Has an inconsistency issue. Kizer sometimes slings the ball well. He also gets lazy with velocity on short to intermediate throws. He overthrew everyone at the end of the second quarter, costing his team badly. 

Notre Dame should have been in the game. The big plays were there. Kizer is just not executing; he is  often over throwing open receivers. 

Overall a bad game for the Notre Dame signal-caller.

Kizer never saw Ohio State safety, No. 23 on his second interception. As he rolled out the safety rolled with him. He never saw the safety undercutting what appeared to be a wide open receiver.

Kizer made a conscious effort to not turn the ball over but just sailed one and does not see the safety on the other. It’s apparent he needs to work on his mechanics.

Additional Notes:

  • Can feel the rush really well.
  • Can run designed runs with efficiently enough to make me a believer it can translate to the NFL in a minor situational role.
  • Throws ball into dirt… accuracy issues a big theme.
  • Bad fumble at end of game.. only time on tape I have seen him just blatantly not see a rusher.