Hell Week last week many fans were not sure if Jacoby Jones would resign with the Texans or if Jones woul..."/> Hell Week last week many fans were not sure if Jacoby Jones would resign with the Texans or if Jones woul..."/>

Dorin Dickerson Making Presence Felt at Texans Camp


Coming into Hell Week last week many fans were not sure if Jacoby Jones would resign with the Texans or if Jones would cash-in for greener pastures. If Jones did bolt for a higher payday then many experts predicted that the number three wideout spot would be up for grabs behind Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter.

Well Jacoby Jones did have the foresight to declare a return home was imminent and a return home is what Jones was granted. A return home to the tune of 3 years for $10.5M. Surely this return home has certainly sewed up the third wide recevier spot especially at the amount the Texans chose to pay Jones, Right?

Well not so fast! In steps Dorin Dickerson. Dickerson who wants to be the best  was basically anointed the job of the third receiver if Jacoby Jones had indeed decided to sign with another team. The presumption was made even after Dickerson did not receive much playing time at all last year. Many felt as if the Texans should have pursued a marquee free agent wide receiver to play opposite Andre Johnson, That however never came to pass during free agency last week. The Texans held fast with the core of wide receivers which included Dickerson amongst others. Houston even brought in a few undrafted free agent wide receivers as well.

As I was saying, “In steps Dorin Dickerson” here at Texans training camp and a recent finger injury to pro bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson has provided an opportunity for Dorin Dickerson to run with the first team offense. Dorin Dickerson on running with the first team: “It’s a good opportunity for me to run with (Matt) Schaub and the first-team guys and run routes and try to make plays.”

And making plays is just what the second year wide recevier is doing.  In Dickerson’s first time while being on the team and allowed to run with Matt Schaub and the first team offense, Dickerson is commanding applause. The converted tight end is looking to make an impression on coaches that will not be easy to forget come August 15th when the Texans match-up for a preseason opener against the New York Jets. A game in which we could possibly see Dickerson get a start if Andre Johnson does not play due to the injured index finger. 

Dorin Dickerson certainly helped his cause with a terrific catch in traffic today ,  a pass that was dropped in between a couple of defenders. Lots of cheers for the second-year wide receiver for a spectacular catch during todays training camp practice.

Healthy competition is exactly what is needed at the wide receiver positions behind Andre Johnson and this year we believe thats exactly what the Houston Texans fans are going to get and quite frankly, it’s about Dayum time. Whether it’s Jacoby Jones, Kevin Walter, Dorin Dickerson or undrafted free agent Terrence Tolliver, we here at the Times just want to see wide receivers pushing each other to a point that everyone is stepping their game up and making plays. Essentially it will pay off for eveyone involved and most of all the Texans offense.