Texans’ Jacoby Jones, “I Have No Doubt I’ll be Right Back at Home.”


After a truncated offseason it will be optimal for the Houston Texans to sign as many of the teams own free-agent as possible in order to help combat the negatives that come with what will turn out to be almost no off season what-so-ever.

It has been heavily speculated for months that Vonta Leach wants to be the highest paid fullback in the league and that the Houston Texans may opt to go in a different direction.  

Rashad Butler filled in admirably last year at left tackle while Duane Brown served a four game league mandated suspension. Many feel, just as Alan Burge of Houston’s examiner.com, that there will be a team out there that will offer Rashad Butler starter money in an attempt to stop gap a need that may exist for said team.

As for possible free agent to be Jacoby Jones, let’s just say the sepculation has not only surrounded Butler and Leach. There has been a growing consensus that Jones will bolt first chance he gets when a team out there decides to take a chance on the 27 year old receiver, who had his best season last year as a receiver. Jones hauled in 51 catches for 562 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Many Houston Texans fans believe that the Texans should pursue a solid number two wide out in free agency. However let’s reiterate that with a lockout shortened offseason, Kevin Walter recently signing a 5 year extension, Texans management is likely to focus on resigning Jones and then instead allotting the money that would be required to go after a receiver into a nice package used to retain Vonta Leach and possibly sign both a free agent cornerback and/or safety.

This Morning on CBS Houston Sportsradio 610, a day after Jones’ birthday, Jacoby Jones went on the record in order to put all speculation aside and said for a fact, “I have no doubt, I think I’ll be right back at home where I started at.” Jones also mentioned that he wants to come back home.” 

Jacoby Jones later was asked his thoughts on Plaxico Burress’ recent mention of playing for an explosive Texans offense and Jones had the following to say, “Who wouldn’t mention the Texans? Look at the city, look at the coaching staff, look at the team and look at the organization.” Jacoby Jones said, “I’d mention them too.”

We understand Jacoby Jones sentiments, with the Houston Texans possibly on the verge of finally a playoff drought break through we also can’t be mad at Plaxico Burress for trying to get on the bandwagon the way so many others are at the moment.

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