Houston Texans Dorin Dickerson “Wants to Be the Best”


Dorin Dickerson’s offseason extracurricular activities have consisted of boxing lessons and pick-up hockey games filling in as a defensemen. However Dickerson never did quite nail down that Foot Locker job he had initially been interested in when the NFL Lockout first began.

Dickerson is currently buried on the Houston Texans depth chart behind Kevin Walter, Jacoby Jones and David Anderson. Lest we forgot also behind the NFL’s best wide receiver, Andre Johnson. During Dickerson’s rookie season coaches placed him behind the Texans Pro Bowl receiver and told Dickerson to watch and learn everything he could from Johnson.

Dorin Dickerson did just that and we expect that it will pay big dividends at some point during the season. However the return of Texans free agent Jacoby Jones will definitely hamper Dickerson’s chances of getting on the field in only his second season we have the feeling that Dickerson is glad to bide his time and will be ready when his number is called regardless of who’s on the roster at wide receiver.

Dorin Dickerson will look to earn more playing time this season beginning in training camp once it does finally get underway. In the mean time along with the boxing lessons and pick-up hockey games Dickerson spent time in Minnesota training with Pittsburg Alum Larry Fitzgerald. Putting forth this effort all in preparation for the upcoming NFL season because, “I believe if you want to be the best you better surround yourself with the best.” Dickerson says.

A former tight end, trying to eventually move into the number two wide receiver spot, weighed in at about 238lbs. a month ago. Dickerson is down to 222lbs. and is looking to play this season at 218lbs. Dickerson is dropping the weight in an attempt to get more quick than fast and feels awesome right now. Dickerson is already fast, clocking in with a 4.4 second 40 yard dash at the NFL combine.

We hope once training camp opens there is quite the competition at the wide receiver positions, other than the number spot, for the Texans. Competition undoubtedly brings out the best in everyone and we’re sure Dorin Dickerson would agree and is up to task.

In the mean time while we won’t be climbing into the ring with Dickerson any time in the near future. We are about to get on that Dorin Dickerson weight loss program right away…just as soon as we finish this cold beer and McGangBang Burger.

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