Three mock trades to land Chase Young for the Texans

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Offer #2

chase young trade 2

I know, two draft picks and players? The caveat is that this trade comes with the expectation that Chase Young would sign an extension, more on the lines of a short two to three-year extension with the Texans upon the transaction being approved. That security is friendly.

Honestly, no matter how the trades work, the Texans are most likely aiming to have a contract signed with the trade to avoid running into the same issue they had with Laremy Tunsil four years ago. 

This trade is a slight step up from the previous one, where the additions here are Davis Mills and a fifth-round selection. The Houston Texans shouldn't have Davis Mills on the roster any longer if it means netting them a valuable player. We've already discussed how his value alone won't earn back much in return, and the best route for the Houston Texans is to have Chase Keenum as the full-time backup to franchise quarterback CJ Stroud. Including him in this trade raises the value if the Commanders like his upside.

The Washington commanders have a murky situation with the quarterback position, as they are expected to lean heavily on second-year quarterback Sam Howell to be their future at the position. While Davis Mills has proven himself out of a job in Houston, his continued growth could be a better risk for the Commanders moving forward. 

Mills offers a higher floor veteran backup with good arm talent for a Washington commander's franchise coming into the season banking on second-year fifth-round selection Sam Howell. Davis Mills has good footwork and a great arm; he's just a very inconsistent player. If he were more consistent, then the Texans wouldn't have had to select Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud number two overall in this year's draft.

Luckily for the commanders, Mills is not the headliner on the package; he's just an add-on. The headliner would be the Houston Texans' third-round selection of next year's draft along with Greenard. 

In this scenario, the commanders get two young players with enough talent to become starters at their positions, along with two draft picks that could help them rebuild a roster at a discounted rate.