The performance of the Houston Texans in 2023 hinges on the well-being of these four 2022 draftees

These Texans sophomores are instrumental to the rise of this Houston squad in 2023.

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The 2022 draft included four important players who missed some (or all) of their first year due to injury or illness. Perhaps this partially explains the dismal performance of last year’s team. As the 2023 camp gets underway, Texans fans should pay close attention to the health and performance of these 4 players as they enter their sophomore season.

These 4 players may hold the ultimate key to the hopes and dreams of Texans fans everywhere. If all of them have fully recovered and are ready to contribute, expect the Texans to exceed the expectations of the critics and analysts. Keep reading to discover more about these promising young Texans players and their prospects for 2023.

Derek Stingley Jr.

Derek Stingley Jr. was a remarkable player as a freshman at LSU and was later drafted as the #3 overall pick. However, during game 9 of his inaugural season, he suffered a hamstring injury and was placed on the injured reserve list for the rest of the 2022 season. As we move towards 2023, fans are still worried about Stingley's health.

In 2019, Stingley had an impressive start to his college career. Despite being a freshman, he remained in good health and managed to lead the Southeastern Conference (SEC) with six interceptions and 21 passes defended. He was recognized by the Associated Press (AP) as a first-team All-SEC selection. Moreover, he was a consensus All-American, receiving first-team recognition from major sources like USA Today, ESPN, and the AP.

During his second year in college, Stingley encountered a series of injuries that prevented him from participating in three games. Despite these challenges, he was lauded for his exceptional performance and was included in the All-SEC first team. Unfortunately, in his junior year, Stingley suffered a serious injury to his left foot before the fourth week's game against Mississippi State. He underwent surgery, but the injury left him unable to play for the rest of the 2021 season.

The upcoming 2023 season is crucial for the young and talented cornerback due to his past injuries. The state of the secondary will also heavily depend on his performance. With a healthy Stingley, the Texans boast a skilled and deep defensive backfield. However, without him, that depth will be put to the test. It is essential for him to stay healthy and perform at his best to prove to Texans fans why he was selected so highly in the previous year's draft.