The Houston Texans should go all in on Trey Hendrickson

The Cincinnati Bengal wants out and Houston is the perfect landing spot for him.
Nov 12, 2023; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud (7) throws under
Nov 12, 2023; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud (7) throws under / Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans have done a lot to improve their defense this season. They've added Danielle Hunter to play across from Will Anderson while signing Denico Autry to play on the line as well. Autry may see snaps at defensive tackle, having played the position before. They're still looking for some help on the inside of the line.

This is where Trey Hendrickson of the Cincinnati Bengals comes in. The three-time Pro Bowler would be an instant pass-rushing standout on this team, paired with Autry, Hunter, and Anderson. While it may not make a lot of sense to get Hendrickson, as he's a defensive end by trade, he's got the body size and skillset to play inside.

At 6'4, 280 lbs., he's a heavy and powerful defensive end, much different than what a lot of people are used to in today's NFL, but due to that, he also posses a unique opportunity for the Texans. He's shown to be very versatile, moving from linebacker to defensive end in his transition from the New Orleans Saints to the Bengals.

Yet, should the Texans trade for Hendrickson, you could see how he fits inside as a pass-rushing defensive tackle. As a three-technique, he could cause a lot of problems for slower tackles and paired with Anderson or Hunter, would make for a duel threat pass-rush that the NFL as a whole wouldn't be able to handle.

There are admittedly two issues that stop any trade cold. Firstly he's not a natural defensive tackle, so there'd be a learning curve. That coupled with the fact that he hasn't been the best run-stopper does put a damper on his usefulness for the team. The other issue, one that proves to be a bigger obstacle is the fact that the Bengals arent looking to trade the Pro Bowler.

Hendrickson just posted 16.5 sacks this season, a huge number and one the Bengals know they can't easily replace. Yet, with the team struggling, his deal ending soon, and an obvious discontent with his current situation, it's not at all out of the realm of possibility that he gets traded, and if the price is right, hopefully, traded to the Texans.