Houston Texans: 6 Players to target in the third round of the NFL Draft

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With less than a week to go until the Texans are on the clock, it's time to start looking more in-depth at which players could be available at each selection, as well as who the Texans are most likely taking based on sources, mock drafts, and rumors. Obviously, Nick Caserio and company haven't told me anything, nor do they know I exist, but I will do my best to predict what they will do, and hopefully less of what I would do. 

We have already covered the top 5 players for pick 12 as well as pick 34. This mock assumes one of those selections was made and you can find it on the first slide there. I have already written on different draft day themes that Nick Caserio and the Texans have shown, and one of them listed is how Caserio values a balanced draft. 

For the sake of this exercise that means I assume the Texans have had a balanced first and second round leaving the best player available here in the third. I have decided to group both third-round selections, 65 and 73, into one article for the sake of simplicity, as the gap between the two allows for a range of players to be available for both selections.