Houston Texans draft trends you can expect to see come Draft Day

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Over the last two years, we've been able to learn about how current Houston Texans general manager Nick Casario operates on draft day. Despite current rumors that he might no longer be with the team after the draft, I believe that the tendencies that we've seen during the draft in terms of the types of players targeted will remain the same. 

First off, Caserio has done a wonderful job going after players that his head coach wants. During last year's draft, we saw Nick pick Derek Stingley Jr over Sauce Gardner in what many believed was a decision that Lovie Smith preferred due to the potential scheme fit he wanted Stingley to fill. Nick also traded up to get two Alabama players and leaders John Metchie and Christian Harris. Harris's selection was met with a huge cheer from head coach Smith. 

Looking at the last two drafts, here are what we can expect from the Texans.