Score prediction for the Houston Texans battle against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Mike Carlson/GettyImages

Once again, the Houston Texans have a difficult task ahead of them as they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the continued issues with injuries on the offensive line, the Texans will have a tough time slowing done T.J. Watt and the Steelers pass rush. That said, it was believed that would be a concern last week too, but Houston had a solid game plan and for the most part, kept the Jaguars pass rush from wrecking the game.

T.J. Watt is a different kind of beast though than what the Jaguars bring to the field. I have little doubt that Watt will get to Stroud and cause some issues but Houston can help negate his impact somewhat with quick routes and timing. They can also throw in some screens to the running backs and wide receivers. Even an occasional draw play will help.

If the Texans could get the run game going too, that would be an added benefit; however, I"m not optimistic they will be able to do that. Houston's run game has not been a factor at all this season, largely due to the offensive line inconsistencies brought on by all the injuries. If Houston can get through this week and steal another victory, it would be huge as their line might start coming back together after this week.

One thing that the Houston Texans have going for them this week is I believe they have the better offense and their defense should be able to make some plays against the Steelers offense, led by Kenny Pickett. The Steelers' offense hasn't been very good, and Najee Harris hasn't been much of a factor for them either. That Steelers offense we saw in preseason is nowhere to be found three weeks into the NFL season. The Texans keep pace with the Indianapolis Colts in the division and I'm going to take Houston in this one and not doubt them this week. Houston wins 23 - 17

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