Ranking the 5 best rookies from the Houston Texans 2023 draft class

The Houston Texans have had a nice run of draft picks in recent years but how does the 2023 class stack against itself?
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The foundation of the Houston Texans' future may have been built and fortified by the 2023 NFL Draft Class. Cemented by the drafting of franchise quarterback C.J. Stroud, the team found a host of other great prospects. Prospects that range from building blocks (Will Anderson) to potential stars (Tank Dell) among others.

The Texans' draft class of 2023 really set the franchise in motion. If not for this class, and the performances of these players during the season, it's likely the Texans won't open up the checkbooks this offseason. It's possible that Daniell Hunter, Joe Mixon, and Stefon Diggs won't come to the Texans in 2024 without the stellar play of these rookies.

The class as a whole has performed better than anyone expected. It's been a pleasant surprise, to say the least, and the sky's the limit for a class that is already looking like it could be an all-time great one. With that said, however, of the 2023 Houston Texans rookies, which ones really do take the cake? The team saw more rookies play in 2023 than anyone truly expected and they all impacted the game to varying degrees.

So of all of them, who is the true top guy in this draft class? We're not only going to answer that but we're ranking the five best rookies that the Texans have acquired in 2023 and we're going to talk about their impact on the 2023 squad, the upcoming 2024 squad, and where we think their ceiling is.