PFF calls out an amazing stat from former Houston Texan DeAndre Hopkins

We've talked numerous times about the greatness of both Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins but there is one stat that no other receiver in league history can claim, except one.

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For all the accolades that DeAndre Hopkins has established over the years, many Houston Texans fans consider Andre Johnson to be the greatest receiver in Texans' history. There is one stat; however, that not even the great Johnson can claim or any receiver in NFL history.

PFF published a list of some of the all-time greatest records by wide receivers and Hopkins made the list. In 2018, Hopkins recorded 125 receptions on 125 "catchable" targets. He saw a total of 163 targets that season. Here is what PFF had to say about this accomplishment.

"Although a significant number of players (37) have managed a clean 0.0% single-season drop rate, none have been nearly as impressive as Hopkins in the 2018 season. That year, Nuk saw 125 catchable targets over the year and still set the record for most catches without a single drop.

To this day, no receiver has ever finished with zero drops and more than 75 receptions."

Pro Football Focus

It's important to note that the term "catchable" targets are important here, given he received more total targets during that 2018 campaign but the zero drops with on-target passes are nonetheless impressive. Hopkins has an opportunity to return to the Texans in 2023; however, if the rumors are true, it's unlikely that happens but you never know until he officially signs somewhere.

Hopkins is currently a free agent and rumors are pointing to either the New England Patriots or the Tennessee Titans. Hopkins still has time to add to his already terrific career numbers and at the age of 31, he may still have some left in the tank, but some might disagree. 2023 will be a prove-it year for Hopkins to show his doubters that he can still get it done and is not slowing down anytime soon.

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