J.J. Watt seems to be walking back his desire of an NFL return

J.J. Watt seems less committed to return than previously thought.
Dec 20, 2020; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt (99) during warmups
Dec 20, 2020; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt (99) during warmups / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It really seemed possible just a few days ago, didn't it? Earlier in the week, J.J. Watt made waves when he said that the only thing that was keeping him from unretiring was a phone call from DeMeco Ryans, saying that Ryans and the Houston Texans needed Watt. That was all it would take apparently for him to return. Ryans didn't miss a beat, and not only made it clear he wanted Watt back with the club, but even said he "needed" Watt.

It all seemed all that was left for Watt would then be announcing his return to the league after a one-year retirement. Well, not so fast sports fans.

Speaking on the Pat McAfee Show (via NBC Sports), Watt walked back his statement some, saying that the team would need to be in a "dire" situation and that there were a lot of things that would need to happen before he'd return.

So basically, he got everyone's hopes up for nothing. He would go on further to say on the show (via Bleacher Report) that he was "content" with retirement, further driving the dagger into the idea that he'd actually return to the team for one more season.

Now, it is true that Watt isn't "needed" by the Texans. A defensive end by trade, Watt isn't a player of need for the Texans right now. They have a healthy crop of defensive ends on their team currentl and going out to get Watt to play defensive end for the team wouldn't make a lot of sense.

Yet, while he's played primarily defensive end, he has played defensive tackle a time or two in his career, and that is a place where the Texans need help, so clearly Watt isn't thinking about the possibility of moving inside. A shame, as that would've put the team's season on a whole other level of excitement.