I was wrong about C.J. Stroud

Pittsburgh Steelers v Houston Texans
Pittsburgh Steelers v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

When the Houston Texans selected Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud with the number two overall pick, it was met with many cheers and critics. I fell under the latter initially.

Unfortunately for me, my initial reaction was critical. I gave the draft selection a B+, as the Texans needed a quarterback. My main critique of the selection was that the Texans left Will Anderson Jr on the board. Thankfully for me, the Texans took him with the next selection, something many did not see coming.

My first article with Toro Times was a deep scouting report on the Ohio State Buckeye. In the report, I talked about his elite accuracy, possessing the best mechanics in the class, his struggles against the pass rush, and knocking him for not elevating those around him. With him having thrown to five potential first-round picks, that seemed fair.

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My pre-draft comparison to him was a more athletic Jared Goff. I said Stroud would do best with the Detroit Lions, but a team like the Texans, with few weapons and a good enough offensive line, would struggle mightily. I underestimated the quarterback who many are calling a 'top 10' quarterback in the league already.

So far, through four games, Stroud has thrown for 1,212 yards, six touchdowns, and zero interceptions. He has done that despite missing four of five starting offensive linemen in two of those games, facing three good pass defenses, and inheriting what many claimed was the worst wide receiving core in the NFL. Nico Collins, an unknown to many, has turned into a star due to the play of Stroud. Tank Dell, a rookie third-round receiver, has also had two breakout games. 

Stroud has elevated everyone around them. The offensive line has not given up a sack over their last two games and the offense ranks 4th in passing.

I am here to say sorry. I was wrong, and boy, oh boy, am I grateful to be incorrect. C.J. Stroud has been on a historic run so far, which has been well documented. It is good to be wrong, and having you in Houston, C.J., is even better!

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