Houston Texans top-3 toughest road test of 2023 schedule

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What are the three toughest road games for the Houston Texans?

The start of the 2023 NFL season is just around the corner. We know the Houston Texans are beginning the season with another new head coach, which means new schemes. On Paper, the Texans have one of the easier schedules in the league. But there are some tough matchups, particularly on the road.

The key to the Texans' season is within in their division; however, it's not a division loaded with top teams, outside of maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars, who finished last season with a 9 - 8 record. The Jaguars should be better in 2023 but that remains to be seen.

If the Texans are going to compete within the division, they will need to win some of those games against their AFC South rivals. Beyond that, some wins will need to come from outside the division as well. They have some very winnable road games this year, such as two against the Colts and Titans each. Plus, they travel to meet the Falcons and Panthers. Two more very winnable games.

The early predictions aren’t favorable either, the Texans have the benefit of playing a last-place schedule but will still have five games against playoff teams. On top of that, the Vegas odds aren't great either, where they are the favorite to win in only three of their games.

Of course, once the season kicks off, all the odds will begin to change. It's way too early to be placing any bets on weekly outcomes but that doesn't stop us from looking ahead at the Texans' schedule.