Houston Texans' quarterbacks, who makes the 53-man roster

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Houston Texans backup quarterback.

I went with Case Keenum as the backup quarterback. This won't come as a surprise, but he was brought in to not just be the backup but to mentor Stroud too. This is a solid signing for the Texans and is a terrific backup option and mentor. It's possible he could start the season, but I expect Stroud to be the guy sooner than later.

Where does that leave Davis Mills?

One of Toro Times' writers recently published an article detailing four players that could be cut after the draft. That article was met with some pushback as many fans did not agree with one of those cuts. Peter Manfre believes the Texans will cut Davis Mills, but some fans say no way.

Most teams only carry two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster, and in many cases they carry a third on the practice squad. This is where I can see Mills ending up. Mills is still on his rookie deal, so it won't cost the team much to keep him around for now.

If another team becomes desperate at the quarterback position, maybe the Texans can move Mills in a trade. They wouldn't get much, but it's a better option than simply cutting him. Mills can be a solid backup at the very least in the NFL, and there will be some team out there looking for one, probably around training camp time or during the pre-season, when players start getting injured.

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