Houston Texans continue to improve defense during season by signing Adrian Amos

What does Adrian Amos bring to the Houston Texans?
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The Houston Texans have made the call to bring in former Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and New York Jets safety Adrian Amos for the remainder of the season. Amos, 30, was a career starter in Green Bay and started all but four games in Chicago before joining the Jets this offseason as a backup. The Jets had huge expectations this year and some of that had to do with Aaron Rodgers, who Amos likely followed to New York after Rodgers left Green Bay via a trade.

Now, with the Jets all but out of the playoffs, it looks like the Jets and Amos have decided to mutually part ways, allowing Amos to join the Texans.

While Amos has largely been a backup this season, when he's gotten time this year, he's made the most of it. He's one of the best-tackling safeties in the league right now and will likely improve an already stout rush defense. He's currently carrying a PFF grade of 88.0 against the run, making him one of, if not the highest-rated safeties against the running game.

And that isn't a new trend, he's historically known for being good against the run. racking up five straight seasons of 70+ tackles and topping out in his last year in Green Bay with over 100. Only once since 2018 has Amos not posted a 69 or higher against the run on PFF's site.

But there's a trade-off with Amos. He's no longer a great defender against the pass. He's not going to blow many tackles, so if someone catches something by him, that player will go down, but he's also not great at making plays on the ball. He's going to get beat from time to time and that's largely why Amos was a backup in New York.

He's still very good, but he's just not been much of a high-end pass defender that he used to be. He may bounce back to being a very good all-around player in Houston, but the odds aren't in his favor.

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