Houston Texans should have no problem getting to Zach Wilson

The Houston Texans will face off with a returning Zach Wilson on Sunday.
New York Jets v Houston Texans
New York Jets v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Houston Texans are going to have to deal with the returning Zach Wilson, who will return as the New York Jets starting quarterback for the upcoming game. Wilson, who was starting for the majority of the season following the injury to Aaron Rodgers, was benched for the last two games. Now, the Jets feel he's their best shot at victory, despite feeling he was the reason for their losing streak.

This has caused some uneasy tension with the Jets and Wilson, who for a time didn't want to return to the team to start, as he felt disrespected by the constant benching when it was clear he was the best option on the roster to start. Even Rodgers, who was cleared to practice after suffering an Achilles tear in Week 1, defended Wilson amid the recent controversy.

Rodgers ripped his teammates for leaking the information that Wilson wasn't wanting to return to the starting lineup, just to risk injury, for a team that didn't have faith in him. Which, truly, isn't an unfair worry. Wilson decided to go back in as QB1 for the Jets, and he's doing so against a defense that's looking to feast.

Say what you want about Wilson, but his struggles aren't his alone. His offensive line has been trash since arriving there in 2021, and he was the second-most-sacked quarterback in the league right behind Sam Howell until he missed two weeks of action. Despite that, he's still the third-most sacked quarterback in the league and that means good things for the Houston Texans defense.

Texans' pass rushers Johnathan Greenard and Will Anderson Jr. are both looking to hit the double-digit sack mark this season, and hopefully give the Texans a reliable pass rush option as they try to get to the postseason. Greenard has eight sacks, while Anderson has five. It's possible that the tag team tandem can get a sack or two apiece against the Jets, and if that ends up happening, then it'll be even harder to deny how good the combination of Greenard and Anderson are as edge rushers.

We're hoping Wilson looks good against the Texans, as we love players who step up and outshine their critics, we're just hoping Wilson looks good in defeat and gets sacked a few times. We think that's a fair trade-off.

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