Houston Texans could make a bold move for All-Pro receiver, Davante Adams

Houston Texans
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Davante Adams hasn't just come right out and said, I want out of Las Vegas, trade me now. But his latest comments might indicate that is what he's thinking and could lead him to say just that.

Adams' recent comments regarding the Raiders and their plans this coming season were not a glowing affirmation of the future of the Raiders or their staff. As I said, he hasn't come out and said, "Trade me", but these comments give you an idea of how Adams feels.

Adams turned down more money a season ago to play with his old college friend and teammate, Derek Carr. Fast forward a year, Carr is out of Las Vegas and now with the New Orleans Saints. Now Adams is left with Jimmy Garoppolo with the Raiders. The Raiders don't want to give Josh Jacobs a new long-term deal, and they shipped off one of the top tight ends in the league.

None of what the Raiders are doing makes any sense but if a team like the Houston Texans can take advantage of the Raiders' incompetence, then they should do just that.

Does a trade make sense for the Houston Texans?

Adams is due a base salary of just over $6 million for the 2023 season. The Texans could make this happen and restructure the deal later to help alleviate the cap hit later down the road. So, the money isn't an issue and could work.

Does Adams put the Texans "over the top", no but it gives C.J. Stroud a legitimate target, someone he can be fully confident in and help him grow as a passer. The best way to develop a young quarterback is by giving him weapons and surrounding him with talent to support him. Adams does just that. Oh, and Stroud has already made it known Adams is someone he would love to throw too.

The other part of this is what would it take in compensation to execute a trade? We've seen top wide receivers traded away for fifth and sixth-round picks but we've also got the likes of A.J. Brown, who the Eagles gave up first and third-round selections. Brown is younger than Adams but I would think it'll take at least a first-rounder for the services of Adams.

The Texans have nine picks next season, which could be ten depending on a conditional pick in round seven. For someone of Adams caliber, I wouldn't have an issue shipping a second and fourth to the Raiders, or worst case, a first and a fourth. I'd try to keep my first-round pick, and with the way the Raiders and Coach McDaniels run things, they would probably accept an offer that did not include a first-rounder.

The only downside to a potential trade offer is there would undoubtedly be other teams involved. If another team came along and outbid everyone, that could drive the cost of a trade higher than perhaps the Texans would be willing to go.

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