Houston Texans added another running back, who is Mike Boone

Houston Texans
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Mike Boone hasn't been a starter and it's unknown what his role with the Houston Texans might be. He's entering his sixth year in the NFL after spending his first three with the Minnesota Vikings and his last two with the Denver Broncos.

He's never had more than 49 carries in a season and only once in his career had more than four targets in the receiving game, he had 15 targets a season ago. On the bright side, with 99 career carries, he's averaging 5.2 yards per carry.

Boone's most productive year was 2019, when he recorded the most carries in a season with 49, totaling 273 yards and three touchdowns; however, in the three seasons since then, he has only 39 carries.

Where does Mike Boone come from?

Mike Boone went undrafted in the 2018 NFL Draft and signed on with the Vikings as a free agent. He spent four years playing his college days with the Cincinnati Bearcats, where his productivity was never off the charts but solid numbers all the same.

His collegiate career was a tale of two halves. During his first two seasons with the Bearcats, he totaled 1,399 yards on 205 carries for an insane per-carry average of 6.8 yards. He also added 18 touchdowns over those two years.

Boone's final two seasons were in stark contrast, adding more carries than the previous two seasons, with 215 carries but managing only 851 yards, for a paltry 3.95 yards per carry. He added six touchdowns to his career total in those two seasons as well.

What does Mike Boone bring to the Houston Texans?

I've done several of these free agent signing profiles now and this is the first one I've come across that I'm not quite sure what he will bring to the team or what his role might be. I think the Texans may draft another running back to go with Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary, and Boone may not make the Texans' 53-man roster.

In his last two seasons in Minnesota, he was a key piece of the Vikings' special teams, logging 455 snaps. In his last two seasons in the league, both with the Broncos, he amassed only 150 snaps on special teams. So, while it's possible he becomes part of the Texans' special team unit, I think by the time the season starts, he will be part of the cutdown to 53.