Houston Texans: 5 keys to a successful 2023 season

Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans must establish a solid offense line

The Texans allowed 38 sacks a season ago, good enough or 13th best in the league.  That’s not bad but when you watch the games, Mills was under pressure a ton. And when you have a rookie quarterback trying to learn the NFL game and process everything in front of him, protection is paramount.

I’m sure Texans fans remember the David Carr days and many believe the lack of protection doomed Carr’s career.  Getting Tunsil extended was a huge step in the right direction, along with signing former Tampa Bay Buccaneers guard Shaq Mason.  A signing that will go under the radar as far as protecting the quarterback is tight end, Dalton Schultz, who is an adequate blocker and will help in protection.

Additionally, leaning on running back Dameon Pierce and newly signed Devin Singletary will also help in protecting Stroud.  The Texans have the horses to rely heavily on their run game, which on paper could be very good and should take a lot of pressure off their rookie quarterback.

They also added center Michael Deiter, who will compete for a starting role; however, Deiter comes over with a less-than-stellar resume, having given up 12 sacks between 2019 – 2021, when he started 23 games.

This is why the Texans also traded up in the draft to select the interior offensive lineman, Juice Scruggs.  I’m a fan of this kid and my money is on him earning the starting center job.  If the Texans struggle at center again in 2023, it could be a long season for Stroud and the Texans’ offense.