The Houston Texans' top 3 most underrated players

Houston Texans
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Although the Texans assembled their best draft class to date during the 2023 NFL Draft, they already have several underrated players. Many of them played vital roles, and made significant contributions to the team, despite recent setbacks.

The Texans haven’t made the playoffs since 2019, but with a blend of newly drafted and current players, they’re aiming to end the playoff drought with a major turnaround. Since 2020, the organization has had three head coaches and ranked among the worst teams in the league, winning only 11 games in that period.

With new head coach DeMeco Ryans at the helm, the Texans organization seems re-energized and poised for huge success. Having achieved success as a defensive coach for the San Francisco 49ers over the last few years, Ryans now looks to bring a winning culture to the organization that originally drafted him in 2006. It's not just the culture that needs to change either, the Texans must improve both sides of the ball as they ranked 31st offensively and 30th defensively in total yards per game last season. 

During the off-season, several new players have joined the team including C.J. Stroud, Will Anderson Jr. and Jimmie Ward, to name a select few, with the goal of becoming a well-rounded team that is capable of performing at an elite level. 

As they look for a turnaround, the Texans roster has several unsung heroes who don’t get enough credit for their strong work ethic and game-changing abilities. Underrated players can be vital to a team’s success in the NFL, as they provide depth, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to surprise opponents with their playmaking. 

With four months left until NFL Kickoff, it’s worth highlighting these three players who are often overlooked and underappreciated.